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BVT | History


BVT Milestones


BVT establishes the Co-Investment Programme, which gives private investors, family offices and foundations exclusive access to selected property development projects in the residential and retail sectors in Germany. It offers investors a way of putting together their own property portfolio.


The concept behind the new BVT RealRendite Fund responds to the changes in market conditions for property financing and closes a funding gap for project developers. An investment with a short maturity, high-yield opportunities and distributions forecast quarterly. 


Feri EuroRating Award:
„Best Initiator Private Equity“

Scope Investment Award:
„Best Investment Manager in the Segment Closed-End Funds Private Equity“ 


BVT-CAM Private Equity Global Fund VIII International Secondaries offers investors lucrative opportunities on the secondary market. This fund of funds acquires interests in private equity funds from existing investors.

Scope Investment Award:
“Special Award” for BVT-founder Harald von Scharfenberg.


The first solar park is added to the Energy and Environment portfolio. The investment was made via BVT Umweltequity Solarpark 1 in an operational solar park in Saxony.


BVT opens up the complex but highly attractive private equity markets in Asia, eastern Europe, Latin America and South Africa for its investors with the BVT-CAM Private Equity New Markets Fund. It is an ideal complement to existing investments in the classic US and western European private equity markets.


Scope Investment Awards:
“Best Investment Manager – Closed-End Property Funds Global”
“Best Investment Manager – Closed-End Private Equity Funds”


BVT structures the BVT-PB Top Select Fund exclusively for Postbank. It enables retail investors to profit from the income and capital appreciation of property and private equity investments. 

Scope Investment Award:
“Special Award – Innovation” 


Within the BVT Capital Partners Series a special product line is launched to develop high-end apartments in association with the leading US developer Fairfield Residential LLC. The BVT Residential USA Series gives BVT investors the opportunity to invest in the US real estate sector, where the highest long-term returns are to be found.

With the German BVT Ertragswertfondserie (High-Yield Fund Series) BVT aims squarely for a safety-conscious blend of solid, rented commercial property, combined with the growth market of logistics facilities in established locations with strong economic growth in Germany.


BVT opens up a growth market with the world’s first fund-backed financing of computer and video games in the BVT Games Production Fund Dynamic.


BVT becomes the first German fund manager in the secondary life insurance market to create a completely new asset class with the BVT Life Bond Fund.


With the BVT-CAM Private Equity Global Fund Series BVT expands its alternative investments division to reflect the growing importance of private equity as an independent asset class.


The largest BVT Funds Power Plant Pool to date is raised.


The first private financing of a municipal sewage treatment plant in Germany was achieved via a BVT fund. 


The US Retail Income Fund Series, which invests solely in “neighbourhood shopping centres”, is launched in association with Vereins- und Westbank. In the same year the US project development funds are pooled under the name of BVT Capital Partners Series.


The first private financing of a municipal combined heat and power plant in Germany was achieved via a BVT fund.


Jointly structuring the first German managed futures fund – the BVT Guaranteed Futures Fund – with the Chase Manhattan Bank was the first step for the alternative investments division. 


BVT is the first company in Germany systematically to raise funds to finance environmental facilities under the motto Capital Investments to Protect the Environment. The following year the first German wind power fund is used to finance what at the time was Europe’s largest wind farm.


BVT adds German property funds to its product portfolio, with a focus on commercial property.


Together with Public Storage, Inc., the world’s largest operator of selfservice storage space, the BVT Public Storage Funds are structured and distributed in Germany (and subsequently in the Netherlands and Switzerland) – the first genuine series of project development funds - which give investors the opportunity to participate in the property value chain from the outset. Subsequently extended to shopping centres, office buildings, apartment blocks and other US commercial properties.


Harald von Scharfenberg laid the foundations for today’s BVT Group as one of the first German providers of private equity investments in the US when he established the first companies in Germany and the US.